Kentucky Derby Style Guide

Looking for inspiration on what types of outfits to wear to the Kentucky Derby? No clue on how to dress or what color combos go together? Look no further than our Derby style guide - a fun collection of outfits and headwear paired together to get your fashion juices flowing!

- Should I buy the hat or outfit first? We get this question all.the.time. The answer: either option works. If you are looking to make a WOW! statement with your hat, we suggest purchasing the hat first and complementing it with a more "basic" dress (let the hat do the talkin'). If you have a difficult time finding clothes that fit properly, finding the outfit first is typically a better option. Once you've got the outfit, we are here to help you find the perfect hat to complete your Derby look!

- If you're wearing an outfit with a "loud", busy or colorful print, try pulling one color from the outfit into your hat or fascinator, rather than incorporating every color from the outfit onto your headpiece.

- Hats and fascinators are both equally "acceptable" at the track during Derby week. Don't feel obligated to wear a hat if you aren't comfortable! Our #1 tip to clients is to choose what makes you feel confident otherwise you'll be self-conscious all day, and who wants that?!

- Oaks Day (the Friday of Derby week) is sponsored by Susan G. Komen and the spotlight is on survivors of breast cancer (and also ovarian cancer). Most everyone at the track will have some form of pink incorporated into their outfit. Whether it's head-to-toe pink, a pink bracelet, clutch, or simply a pink hat, you'll definitely want to particpate in this tradition if you don't like feeling left out!

- Do I have to wear a dress? Absolutely not! Jumpsuits, pant suits, dressy shorts with a blouse - any of those options (and more) are acceptable at the track the week of Derby. Make sure to double-check Churchill Downs' website for the dress code for the specific section you'll be sitting in; some rooms/clubhouses are more particular than others.