Ordering Options and Other Frequently Asked Questions


We offer two options when it comes to ordering a hat: ready-to-wear and custom collection. Below we have broken down each option:

1. Purchase a ready-to-wear hat or fascinator. Ready-to-wear means purchasing a hat or fascinator in-store or on our website as-is. For ready-to-wear designs, we also offer the ability to "add-on", this would include adding in feathers of a specific color or some other material to help match it better to your outfit. Prices vary for add-ons, please feel free to email or call us with any questions re: add-on options. Click here to shop ready-to-wear designs.

2. Purchase a piece from our custom collection. This is a curated collection of our best-selling hats and fascinator styles that you choose from to be made in specific colors to match your outfit. You pick the style, specify the color scheme, and we make it happen! This option works best if you have an outfit picked out and are looking for a specific match. Browse the custom collection here.

*We cannot guarantee color matches without a fabric swatch. Display monitors on phones, laptop computers, and tablets may vary from actual fabric color.*

Two milliners at work cutting pink fabric used to make a hat.


- Should I buy the hat or outfit first? This is a hard one! Either option works. If you are looking to make a WOW! statement with your hat, we suggest purchasing the hat first and complementing it with a more "basic" dress (let the hat do the talkin'). If you have a difficult time finding clothes that fit properly, finding the outfit first is typically a better option. Once you've got the outfit, we are here to help you find the perfect hat!

- How do I measure my head? We can help fit your hat in-store or watch this short tutorial on how to properly measure (in inches). If there is a hat already made that is too big or too small, we can either stretch the hat (in most cases) or add hat filler to customize the fit.

- Do you offer hat boxes? Yes, we have three size options to fit any hat or fascinator. Click here to view options: https://thehatgirls.com/collections/hat-boxes

- If I see an item on your website but want it made in a different color, is that possible? That's something we can do on a case-by-case basis; please reach out to us with a photo of the item and we can discuss!

- Can you refurbish or add onto a hat that I already have? We are happy to make adjustments and add-on to hats or fascinators that we have made. If the hat was created or purchased elsewhere, we do not.

- Can I bring in my dress to help me match the hat or fascinator? Absolutely, and we recommend it!

- How far in advance do I need to place a custom order? Custom order lead time is typically 21-30 days. We usually stop taking custom orders for Oaks and Derby by the second week of April.

- What is the best way to contact you? Text and email are the best way to reach us.

- What are your store hours? Our hat shop in Louisville, KY is open during the months of March and April. Please contact us for specific hours of operation.

- What side of the head should I wear my fascinator on? We typically suggest that the fascinator be worn along your part line (i.e. - if your part line lies on the left side of your head, you would wear the fascinator on the left side of the head).

- How do I wear a fascinator that has an elastic band? Can it be switched to a regular headband? Please watch this video for a tutorial on how to properly wear a fascinator secured with an elastic band: video tutorial. If the fascinator you want to purchase has an elastic band and you'd like to switch it out for a "regular" headband, please contact us by phone or email and we can do so.

Shipping and Delivery Options

- Flat rate shipping for any purchase is $35; we ship by UPS Ground. If you need express shipping options, please contact us by email or phone. All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the customer.

- We offer free delivery to any Louisville hotel the week of Derby. Please call or email us to schedule a hotel delivery or pick-up the week of Derby.

- Free local pick-up is available for any order at our Louisville, Kentucky hat shop.

Return Policy

All sales are final. Due to the nature of our product (personal wear item) and for sanitary purposes, we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. By purchasing a hat or fascinator you acknowledge that you understand this policy.

If you are interested in setting up a custom appointment please email us at info@thehatgirls.com or text 502-999-3584.