Ordering Options and Other Frequently Asked Questions



When ordering a hat/fascinator we offer two options:

1) READY TO WEAR: Pick a ready-to-wear hat off of our website. By mid-March we will have over 1500 hats to choose from. We add new hats each month; following us on Instagram is the best way to find out when we release new styles. Any of the pieces on our website can be customized (example: you want to add navy blue feathers to a pink hat to match your dress).

2) CLOSED AS OF 3/30/2024: CUSTOM COLLECTION: Order a hat from our custom collection. This collection features 20+ styles of hats and fascinators that can be made in almost any color. The custom collection can be viewed here: https://thehatgirls.com/collections/create-a-custom-kentucky-derby-hat


Before purchasing a hat on our website you will need your head measurement (in inches). At this link you will find a tutorial on how to acquire an accurate : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPEcmh6F34M

Enter this measurement on the shopping cart page. We do not need a head measurement for fascinators as they are “one size fits most”. If you are concerned about a hat fitting your head before making the purchase, please text or email us beforehand!


If an order is placed before March 1, the turn-around time is 4-8 weeks from the date of the order.

If order is placed after March 1, we guarantee to have it ready for pick-up by Monday April 29 or shipped by Friday, April 26 (expedited shipping options available if needed).

*These timeframes are general estimates; we of course will try to get your hat completed and shipped to you ASAP*


We offer three options for getting your hat after purchasing online:

1) Shipping: We offer shipping anywhere in the U.S. through UPS Ground for a flat rate of $30. If you require expedited shipping options, you will see those (with pricing) on the checkout page.

2) Hotel delivery: For a fee of $20 (added onto your order), we can store your hat until Derby week and deliver your hat to most local hotels in Louisville on Thursday May 2.

The name on the room reservation and check-in-date must be provided for hotel deliveries.

*We do not deliver to the Galt House Hotel*

3) Hat shop pick-up: Depending on where your accommodations are, our local hat shop may be a convenient pick-up option. This store will be open through Oaks Day for hat pick-ups (the store is NOT open on Derby day). The Hat Girls store is located at 211 Clover Lane, Suite H, Louisville KY 40207.



  • We have five hat box sizes (13", 17", 19", 22", 26"). Our 13"x8” and 17”x9" round hat boxes can be carried onto most domestic airlines. However, we highly recommend checking with your specific airline to see what their carry-on baggage restrictions are.

  • Our hat boxes do not lock so we do not suggest checking them as baggage.

  • If you have had your hat shipped to you and don’t know how to get it to Kentucky for the Derby, we suggest getting in touch with your hotel front desk or concierge to see if it’s possible to ship it to your hotel ahead of your arrival. Many local hotels have experience with this question the week of Derby, so it’s not as crazy as it may seem!


  • Q: How do fascinators stay on your head?

    • A: Our fascinators are set on headbands or elastic bands, we do not have any fascinators with clips. The headband color with fascinators is not guaranteed unless requested at the time of order. Some people prefer the headband to match the headpiece, others like it to blend in and match their hair color.

  • Q: Should I buy the hat or outfit first?

    • A: This is a tough question, and honestly either option works. If you are looking to make a WOW! statement with your hat, we suggest purchasing the hat first and complementing it with a more "basic" dress (let the hat do the talkin'). If you have a difficult time finding clothes that fit properly, finding the outfit first is typically a better option.

  • Q: Do you sell hat boxes?

    • A: We do not separately sell hat boxes. Hat boxes are included with every order and are only included with the purchase of a hat or fascinator.

  • Q: What is a hatinator and how do you wear it?

  • Q: How can I guarantee a color match?

    • A: We cannot guarantee color matches without a fabric or paint swatch that matches your outfit. Display monitors on phones, laptop computers, and tablets may vary from actual fabric color. If you'd like to send a fabric swatch, a paint swatch that matches your outfit, or provide us with a paint swatch color please text or email us.

  • Q: Can you refurbish or add onto a hat that I already have?

    • A: We are happy to make adjustments and add-on to hats or fascinators that we have previously made. If the hat was created or purchased elsewhere, we do not offer this customization service.

  • Q: Can I bring in my dress to help me match the hat or fascinator?

    •   A: Absolutely, and we recommend it! Our retail store is open during the entire month of April and the week of Derby.

  • Q: What is the best way to contact you?

    • A: Text and email are the best way to reach us: 502-999-3584 • info@thehatgirls.com

  • Q: What are your store hours?

    •   A: Our hat shop in Louisville, KY is open the month of April through the first Friday in May (we are closed on Derby day).

  • Q: What side of the head should I wear my fascinator on?

  •   A: We typically suggest that the fascinator be worn along your part line (i.e. - if your part line lies on the left side of your head, you would wear the fascinator on the left side of the head). However, there is no "rule" - wear it however you think it looks best!

  • Q: How do I wear a fascinator that has an elastic band? Can it be switched to a regular headband?

    • A: Please watch this video for a tutorial on how to properly wear a fascinator secured with an elastic band: video tutorial. If the fascinator you want to purchase has an elastic band and you'd like to switch it out for a "regular" headband, please contact us by phone or email.

Return Policy

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Due to the nature of our product (personal wear item) and for sanitary purposes, we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. By purchasing a hat or fascinator you acknowledge that you understand this policy.